Air-Pak Select Purge Dryer

Air-Pak’s Select Valve eliminates continuous purge cycles by operating in unison with compressor pumping cycles. It delivers specific amounts of purge air required for regeneration of molecular sieve featuring options for selecting length of purge time and number of purge cycles after compressor motor stops. Select Valves’ Bluetooth technology informs user of service data and history of dryer.

Air-Pak Select Purge Valve:

  • Regenerates only when air compressor pumping
  • Wont drain air system over night o May be installed on dryers currently in service
  • May be purchased as an option for new dryer
  • Remote installations e.g., paint booth
  • Bluetooth technology tracks:
    • Number of dryer cycles
    • Service history
    • Sends text messages, e.g., check service
    • Test cycle
    • Offers regen select timed cycles
      • 90 second regen cycle for high flow demands
      • 120 second regen cycle for moderate flow demand
    • Timed Color Schematic
Air-Pak Select Purge Dryer Dry-Air-Systems
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  • Cumulative Cycles
  • Cycles since last serviced
  • Last service date
  • Service menu
Air-Pak Select Purge Dryer 2

Select Purge Valve Records:

1. Total number of dryer cumulative cycles
2a. Number of dryer cycles since last serviced
2b Last service date
3a Verifies valve working in unison with compressor “YES” or “NO”


Select Purge Valve Can Be Programed For:

4. 1, 2 or 3 complete regeneration cycles after compressor stops pumping

5. 1, 2 or 3 quick 10 second cycles when compressor starts pumping

6. Test, 90 Sec. or 120 Sec. Cycles”


Select Purge Can:

  • Record your Service Comments e.g., no condensate in air system
  • Display common service replacement components and kits Illustrates dryer cycles in sync with timed cycles
  • Send text message service reminders and performance history