Air-Pak High Capacity / Flow Cartridges

New High Flow desiccant cartridges now available for Air-Pak and SFD Dryer systems. The new desiccant cartridges simply replace current four-pound cartridges increasing dryer performance and flow rates.

Complete dryer systems designed with High Flow desiccant cartridges also available making for an excellent choice when replacing an out dated or nonfunctioning refrigerant dryer. High Flow option increases drying capacity delivering -40° F* pressure dew point.

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*Pressure dew points vary based on system pressure and flow rates

  • High Flow desiccant cartridges offers:
  • Efficient, easy to service desiccant airdryer system
  • Max 70 CFM per cartridge
  • An upgrade to current Air-Pak or SFDsystems
  • High Flow cartridges add only 5additional inches to overall height
  • Maintains pressure dew points up to-40° deg F*
  • Reduces operating and maintenancecosts
  • Ideal for applications:
    • Cement
    • Dust Collection Systems
    • Mining
    • Spray Foam
    • Manufacturing
    • Specialized Applications