Direct connect to Air Compressor Pressure Control

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Option 1: Connecting 4 wire system to air compressors’ pressure control

  1. Black = Connect to 120 VAC power source
  2. White = Connect to 120 VAC common neutral
  3. Green = Connect to 120 VAC common neutral Connect to earth ground
  4. Red = Accepts voltage from 24 VDC to 480VAC
    1. Signal may be connected from compressor
      pressure switch on/off side, or
    2. Connected to compressor inlet valve solenoid signal
  5. Operation Check of Air-Pak Select Purge
    1. “ON” with voltage applied to RED wire (compressor motor running)
      (Dryer Cycles and Regenerates)
    2. “OFF” with no applied voltage (air compressor motor off)
      (Dryer Cycles and Regeneration Flow Stop)


Note: Air-Pak Select Purge operates automatically if no voltage were ever applied to Red wire, however, regeneration air continues when compressor motor off. Red wire may be connected at any time, e.g., dryer assembly relocated to another compressor, application, etc., automatically resetting microprocessor memory to function as described in Option 1 – # 4 “Red = Accepts voltage from 24VDC to 480 VAC”

Direct to compressor