Regeneration Flow Cut-Off Kit


Kit includes:


Aluminum adapter plate


Four-way valve w/three (3) 90°fittings


Solenoid with 6″ wire lead


¼” nylon tubing


8 – 32 Round head machine screws


10 – 32 Philips machine screws


O-rings (small)


O-rings (large)

Relieve all air pressure from air dryer assembly before performing this procedure

Step 1 – Preparing Manifold

  • Disconnect air line from outlet port of air dryer
  • Disconnect two (2) ¼” air lines from air control valve located on back of control valve
  • Remove four (4) bolts fastening manifold on right side
  • Place aluminum plate as illustrated and position over fourholes in manifold

Position pilot hole (Yellow) must be at bottom as shown

  • Temporally secure plate to manifold using four (4) Philipsscrews
  • Place a center punch through pilot hole and mark manifold
  • casting
  • Remove four (4) bolts fastening manifold on left side, remove (4) Philips screws, aluminumplate and remove manifold assembly from dryer
  • Discard (2) large O-rings then place manifold assembly on clean work area
  • Note: Clean and inspect regeneration valves and place back into valve cavities
  • Remove thumb screw and MLT from air control valve
  • Remove (3) screws holding four-way valve and place screws/valve aside for later installation
  • Drill 3/16″ hole through center punch marked in manifold
  • Clean all debris left after drilling operation from manifold

Step 2 – Installing Low Flow Components

  • Lubricate (1) one small O-ring and insert into new grooveof manifold.
  • Position new (4) four-way valve onto bottom of manifold and
  • secure with (3) 10 – 32 round head machine screws and tighten to15-20 in lb.
  • Install new small O-ring into grove on back side of aluminum plate (4 holes not countersunk).
  • Install and lubricate (2) two new large O-rings onto shoulders of manifold.
  • Reinstall manifold into dryer adapter castings.
  • Install and hand tighten (4) bolts into left side.
  • Place aluminum plate on right side of manifold positioning pilot hole over drilled hole and secure with (4) four Philips screws. Tighten all four bolts and machine screws to 45-65 in. lbs. torque.
  • Reinstall air line outlet port of dryer.

Step 3 – Preparing Original Four-Way Valve

  • Remove one (1) 90° brass fitting from “2” position and insert
  • ⅛” pipe plug.
  • Install original four-way valve on aluminum plate using (3) screws removed previously and tighten to 15-20 in lb.
  • Connect ¼”air line (cut to fit) supplied from original valve to new four-way valve
  • Reconnect two (2) ¼” air lines from dryer previously disconnected to back side of new aircontrol valve (not illustrated)

Step 4 – Electrical

  • Re-connect original MLT onto new valve, secure with thumb screw and connect to 110 – 120Volt AC surge protected outlet
  • Install new solenoid with 6″ lead onto original four-way valve, secure with thumb screw.
  • Connect power (3) three leads to proper power source controlling compressor motors’ lowpressure “On” and high pressure “Off” cycles

Troubleshooting Regeneration Cutoff Solenoid (RCS)

Regeneration Cutoff Solenoid (RCS) manages regeneration purge cut off by energizing and de-energizing the air control valve in unison with compressor’s pressure control switch. When air compressor electric motor runs (pumping), the RCS allows pilot air to flow to air control valve located under manifold. During compressor “on” time, the air dryer pneumatically cycles every two minutes with Micro Logic Timer (MLT).

When air compressor reaches cut off pressure, electrical power to RCS is shut off, which allows air control valve to switch, blocking off pilot signal to air control valve located under manifold. The MLT continues to cycle electrically, however, with pilot air blocked from air control valve, dryer no longer cycles pneumatically thereby eliminating purge flow during compressor “off” or non-pumping cycle.

When an AIR-PAK dryer cycles, there is a momentary burst of air from one AIR-PAK exhaust port (muffler). This is normal and will occur each time dryer cycles. Four cartridge MLT systems will have two cartridges regenerating one from each dryer unit, e.g., cartridges 1, 3 charge cycle, cartridges 2, 4 regeneration cycle

RCS (Regeneration Cutoff Solenoid)