Air-Pak Portable Drying Systems

 Air-Pak air dryer systems offer an effective solution for removing water, particulates and oil vapor within compressed air systems. The Air-Pak systems proven design offers a practical, reliable and cost effective solution reducing costly downtime and pneumatic maintenance.

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System shown designed for 400 CFM portable air and equipped with:

  • Inlet and outlet pressure gauges
  • Three in one system removes oil, contaminates and moisture.
  • Thermostatically controlled heaters to prevent unloader valve freezing 
  • 12 VDC power connects directly to compressor electrical system 
  • Mounted in heavy gauge steel for protection and ease of handling
  • Straightforward design provides reliable operation 
  • Typically requires less than 10% regeneration air
  • Achieves -40° F* pressure dew point 
  • Additional units can be added for: 
  • air system modifications 
  • flow rates exceeding 40 CFM

*Pressure dew points vary based on system pressure and flow rates


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Airtec Pneumatics: Valves, Cylinders, Air Preparation, Vacuum Generation


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Master Pneumatic:
Air Filtration, Treatment & Injection Lubrication

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American Cylinders:
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Anderson Fittings:
Full Line of Brass & Steel Fittings


Mid American Fitting Inc.:
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Peter Paul:
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Control Devices Inc.:
ASME valves, compressor controls, drain act

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Shire Industries:
Custom Designed & Manufctured Electronic Boards And Devices

Control Micro Systems:
Electronics Boards & Bluetooth Devices Custom Designed

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Spartan Scientific:
Valves and operators

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Daughtridge Sales:
Pressure & Temperature ,Gauges, Switches, Accessories


Tescom Pressure Controls:
High Pressure Regulators &Valves


Dry Air Systems:
Innovator of New Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryers

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