Air-Pak Zero Loss Drain Valve

Air-Pak Zero Loss Drain Valve offer an effective solution for removing condensate within compressed air systems. Air-Pak auto drain works in unison within either Air-Pak dryer systems, in line filters or compressor unload pressure signal. It is a proven design offering a practical, reliable and cost effective solution in reducing costly downtime and pneumatic maintenance.


  • Condensate damages pneumatic components
  • Creates unreliable supply of compressed air
  • Downtime and pneumatic component failures increase
  • Formation of rust and scale in the air piping system.


  • Air-Pak Zero Loss auto drain
  • Can be installed in unison with Air-Pak Dryer systems
  • Pneumatically operates with air dryertimed cycles
  • May be installed direct to aircompressor pressure control
  • Works with in-line filters
Zero Loss Drain Valve
Dry Air Systems