JP2A = Grey Desiccant Cartridge Air Dryer System
AP2A = Blue Desiccant Cartridge Air Dryer System

JP2 dessicaant air dryer Auto Drain Features Benefits
PDP in Excess Of -40°F*
*Pressure and flow affect performance
Less than 5% RH for
Waterborne auto refinishing
Designed Regeneration .3 Micron Filtration
110, 220 Volt AC
12, 24, Volt DC
Custom Voltages Available
Pneumatically Controlled Option Classified / Explosion Proof
Cartridge Style
Replacement Valves
Modular Design
Select Purge Option*
Saves Regeneration Air Usage
Spin On/Off
Desiccant Cartridges
Optional zero loss condensate auto drain
Regeneration Orifice .014 Max Flow@
100% Duty Cycle 14 CFM
Max Flow@
70% Duty Cycle 27 CFM

(Smaller operations)

Redi-Mix Plants

Cement Batch plants

Plasma Cutting

Instrument air

point of use manufacturing

packaging equipment

paint booths

maintenance equipment

repair shops

spray foam insulation

Small Batch Plant Operation Spray Foam Insulation General Repair Shop Batch Plant Specilaized Spray Foam Application Car Wash W 10 HP Quincy Air Compressor Specilaized Spray Foam Application Railroad charge air