Fluid Power and Controls High Pressure Regulators

1500 PSI w SoiliniodTank with soliniod

Integral high pressure
solenoid regulator
Rated for 3000 PSI Inlet
C-10 options:
14" NPT male or female
Outlet Options:
Barbed Fitting
10-32 female, 18" NPT male or female
1 or 2 high pressure ports
Electrical Options:
12, 24 VDC 110, 120 VAC
1500 PSI with soliniod1500 PSI less soliniod

High pressure
push button regulator
Rated for 3000 PSI inlet
C-10 Options:
14" NPT male or female
Outlet options:
Barbed fitting
10-32 female thread outlet
1500 PSI less soliniodTank and valve disassembled

C-10 bottle valve
Rated for 3000 PSI
58", 34" or 1" bottle threads
clean for oxygen service
thermo or pressure relief
Custom specialized regulator

Custom pressure regulators